02-Jan-16 Asia One SPH Razor with Adam Lambert | Singapore
02-Jan-16 Adam Lambert arrives at the Beijing Airport | China
03-Jan-16 TOH Concert | Beijing, China
04-Jan-16 Adam Lambert arrives at the airport | Shanghai, China
04-Jan-16 Virgin Radio 104.4 with Adam Lambert | Dubai, United Arab Emirates
05-Jan-16 TOH Concert | Shanghai, China
05-Jan-16 ‘Born This Way: Fears and Gears’ television show
05-Jan-16 Adam Lambert flying out of the Shanghai, China airport
06-Jan-16 American Idol | Promo
06-Jan-16 Adam Lambert arriving in Sendai, Japan via bullet train
06-Jan-16 ‘American Idol Losers Who Got the Last Laugh’ | ET Online
06-Jan-16 Channel News Asia interview with Adam Lambert | Singapore
06-Jan-16 Adam Lambert top Idol earner of 2015 | Forbes
07-Jan-16 TOH Concert | Sendai, Japan
07-Jan-16 Adam Lambert traveling from Sendai back to Tokyo after concert
08-Jan-16 TOH Concert Day 1 | Tokyo, Japan
08-Jan-16 Adam Lambert at Dragon Men bar after concert | Tokyo, Japan
10-Jan-16 TOH Concert | Hiroshima, Japan
11-Jan-16 FM802 audio interview with Adam Lambert | Osaka, Japan
12-Jan-16 TOH Concert | Osaka, Japan
12-Jan-16 Adam Lambert leaves Osaka traveling to Nagoya, Japan after concert
13-Jan-16 TOH Concert | Nagoya, Japan
14-Jan-16 Adam Lambert interview with Billboard Magazine | Japan
14-Jan-16 Adam Lambert riding the train from Nagoya to Tokyo, Japan
14-Jan-16 Adam Lambert shopping in Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
14-Jan-16 Adam Lambert at Kawaii Monster Café, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
14-Jan-16 Adam Lambert eating dinner out with friends, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
14-Jan-16 Adam Lambert shout out to Korean fans
15-Jan-16 Najgorsze Pytania P2 with Adam Lambert | Warsaw, Poland (taped Aug 28, 2015. P1 aired Nov 22, 2015)
15-Jan-16 Adam Lambert posts a professional picture
15-Jan-16 J-Wave at Keyakizaka Studio with Adam Lambert | Tokyo, Japan
15-Jan-16 TOH Concert Day 2 | Tokyo, Japan
16-Jan-16 Adam Lambert on ‘What’s Up TV’ on Sky1 | London, UK
16-Jan-16 Adam Lambert picture with fans before the concert | Tokyo, Japan
16-Jan-16 TOH Concert Day 3 | Tokyo, Japan
17-Jan-16 ‘This or That’ Adam Lambert interview | New Zealand
18-Jan-16 Oreo Cookie Commercial with Adam Lambert
19-Jan-16 TOH Concert | Seoul, Korea
22-Jan-16 TOH Concert | Auckland, New Zealand
24-Jan-16 Fox FM 101.9 Fifi, Dave & Byron with Adam Lambert | Melbourne, AU
24-Jan-16 KIIS FM 101.1 Matt & Meshel…| Melbourne, AU
24-Jan-16 NZ Breakfast TV One News with Adam Lambert | New Zealand
25-Jan-16 TOH Concert Day 1 | Melbourne, Australia
26-Jan-16 Hit 92.9 On Air, Heidi, Will & Woody | Australia
26-Jan-16 TOH Concert Day 2 | Melbourne, Australia
28-Jan-16 Hit 104.1 2DayFM Rove & Sam with Adam Lambert | Australia
28-Jan-16 Nova 96.9 Fitzy & Wippa | Australia
28-Jan-16 TOH Concert | Adelaide, Australia
28-Jan-16 Noise 11 with Adam Lambert | Australia
28-Jan-16 2DayFM The Hit 30 with Adam Lambert | Australia
29-Jan-16 American Idol ‘The Final Judgment’ | Televised Promo
30-Jan-16 TOH Concert Day 1 | Sydney, Australia
31-Jan-16 TOH Concert Day 2 | Sydney, Australia
31-Jan-16 2DayFM Hit 104.1 with Adam Lambert | Sydney, Australia
31-Jan-16 Sunrise on 7 | Backstage Enmore Theatre | Sydney, AU
31-Jan-16 The Today Show with Adam Lambert | Sydney AU



01-Feb-16 KIIS 101.1 The Thinkergirls with Adam Lambert | Melbourne, AU
01-Feb-16 Adam Lambert rooftop concert for Hit 92.9 | Perth, Australia
02-Feb-16 Hit 92.9 Backstage Goss with Adam Lambert | Perth, Australia
02-Feb-16 Lambert heading to The House of Blues in Boston…| Masslive
03-Feb-16 Fanstang ‘This Week in Hollywood’ interview with Adam Lambert | filmed in L.A. for China
03-Feb-16 Adam Lambert mini-concert for Sea FM 100.9 HitHobart | Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
04-Feb-16 Adam Lambert interview with Hit 100.9/SeaFM 100.9 Paul & Woody | Hobart, Australia
04-Feb-16 Southern Cross News | Adam Lambert Concert
04-Feb-16 iHeartRadio KIIS 101.1 Concert with Adam Lambert | Melbourne, Australia
05-Feb-16 KIIS 106.5 at iHeartRadio with Adam Lambert | Melbourne, Australia
06-Feb-16 Dubai 92 Breakfast Catboy & Aylissa | Dubai, United Arab Emirates
07-Feb-16 Adam Lambert at Super Bowl Party | Los Angeles, CA
10-Feb-16 KIIS 101.1 Hughesy & Kate with Adam Lambert
13-Feb-16 The Creator’s Pre-Grammy Party with Katy Perry
14-Feb-16 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party | Adam Lambert Performs
14-Feb-16 After Party Karaoke at The Blind Dragon
17-Feb-16 BTS Recording ‘Can’t Go Home’ Dim Mak Records | Los Angeles, CA
17-Feb-16 Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party | The Hollywood Reporter
18-Feb-16 Adam Lambert Snapchat | California
19-Feb-16 Adam Lambert Snapchats | California
23-Feb-16 Twitter Party | Huntington, NY
23-Feb-16 TOH Concert | Huntington, New York
24-Feb-16 TOH Concert | Boston, Massachusetts
26-Feb-16 ‘Ghost Town’ | Dash Berlin Remix
26-Feb-16 TOH Concert | Mashantucket, CT
26-Feb-16 ‘Working with Queen’ | Maximum Pop
27-Feb-16 Adam Lambert’s The Original High Tour | Atlantic City, New Jersey updated Apr 8, 2018
28-Feb-16 Adam Lambert’s The Original High Tour | Bethlehem, Pennsylvania updated Apr 8, 2018



01-Mar-16 TOH Concert | New Brunswick, New Jersey
02-Mar-16 Going Out Guide | The Washington Post
03-Mar-16 Adam Lambert Interview | Jono and Ben | New Zealand
03-Mar-16 Adam Lambert’s The Original High tour | Terminal 5 | New York, NY
03-Mar-16 Adam Lambert at after party at No8 Club | New York, NY
03-Mar-16 Adam Lambert Interview | Radio and TV Talk
04-Mar-16 Adam Lambert Interview| Washington Blade
05-Mar-16 Best Fanbase Contest | PopCrush
05-Mar-16 TOH Concert | Washington D.C.
06-Mar-16 TOH Concert | Charlotte, NC
08-Mar-16 TOH Concert | Atlanta, Georgia
10-Mar-16 TOH Concert | Nashville, Tennessee
11-Mar-16 Adam Lambert American Idol Announcement
11-Mar-16 Adam Lambert Interview | Southflorida.com
12-Mar-16 Final ‘American Idol’ Next Week | ABC News Radio
12-Mar-16 Adam Lambert to return to ‘American Idol’ for a final performance | AOL
12-Mar-16 TOH Concert | Hollywood, Florida
13-Mar-16 TOH Concert | Orlando, FL
14-Mar-16 7 Things I Learned at the Concert | GuyMag.net
14-Mar-16 ‘Welcome to the Show’ | People.com
14-Mar-16 ‘Welcome to the Show’ | Billboard
14-Mar-16 ‘Welcome to the Show’ | Press Release | Edge Publicity
14-Mar-16 New Release: ‘Welcome to the Show’ | Audio & Sources
15-Mar-16 ‘Welcome to the Show’ | On Air with Ryan Seacrest
15-Mar-16 ‘Welcome to the Show’ | AOL Germany
15-Mar-16 Lambert Shows Off Tattoos | ExtraTV.com
15-Mar-16 ‘Welcome to the Show’ | Warner Brothers Instagram
15-Mar-16 PopCrush ‘Adam Lambert’s best live vocals’
16-Mar-16 ‘The Original High’ | Spotify Sessions
16-Mar-16 ‘Welcome to the Show’ Teaser | Behind the Scenes
17-Mar-16 New Music: ‘Welcome to the Show’ and ‘Can’t Go Home’ Released
2016-03-17 Adam Lambert performs ‘Welcome to the Show’ on American Idol | Los Angeles, CA
2016-03-17 Adam Lambert debuts New Single on ‘American Idol’ | ETOnline | Los Angeles, CA
18-Mar-16 Tristan McIntosh Talks ‘Idol’ Journey and Adam Lambert | Billboard
18-Mar-16 Moscow Concert Promo | Europa Plus TV
2016-03-18 Adam Lambert interview at American Idol | After Buzz TV | Los Angeles, CA
18-Mar-16 Talks American Idol and Music | Examiner.com | Los Angeles, CA
19-Mar-16 Adam Lambert attends his brother Neil’s Wedding
20-Mar-16 Adam Gets Nostalgic…| American Idol on Fox
20-Mar-16 ‘Latest album, working with Queen…’ | jsonline.com
21-Mar-16 ‘Welcome to the Show’ | Aidan McEwan Remix
21-Mar-16 New Songs, ‘Rocky Horror’ & Kesha… | Idolator
21-Mar-16 Wonderland Magazine | ‘Welcome to the Show’
22-Mar-16 TOH Concert | Milwaukee, Wisconsin
23-Mar-16 Televised Interview | Extra TV
23-Mar-16 TOH Concert | Chicago, Illinois
23-Mar-16 ‘Cant go Home’ | Preview
24-Mar-16 Studio Music | ‘Can’t Go Home’
24-Mar-16 New Release ‘Can’t Go Home’ | People.com
24-Mar-16 Why He Turned Down Frank-N-Furter Role | Out Magazine
24-Mar-16 Lambert Reminisces About His First Post-‘Idol’ Single… | Billboard
25-Mar-16 Steve Aoki, Felix Jaehn & Adam Lambert Release | Billboard
25-Mar-16 New Song ‘Welcome to the Show’
25-Mar-16 TOH Concert | Detroit, Michigan
26-Mar-16 TOH Concert | Mt. Pleasant, MI
28-Mar-16 Twitter Party
28-Mar-16 TOH Concert | Wichita, KS
30-Mar-16 Adam Lambert Interview | Las Vegas Weekly
30-Mar-16 Backstage Interview with Adam Lambert | MIX 100
30-Mar-16 TOH Concert | Denver, CO
30-Mar-16 ‘The Original High’ Marcus Santoro Remix
31-Mar-16 You may scoff at ‘American Idol’ now, but… | The Washington Post
31-Mar-16 Adam Lambert talks about filming a video in Vegas and more | Las Vegas Review-Journal
31-Mar-16 Adam Lambert Interview | Las Vegas Review Journal
31-Mar-16 ‘American Idol’ 16 of the Best Losers | Rolling Stone
31-Mar-16 Laleh Talks Adam Lambert Collaboration | Idolator



01-Apr-16 Adam Lambert On David Bowie, Queen… | OnTopMagazine
01-Apr-16 TOH Concert | Las Vegas, Nevada
02-Apr-16 Glamberts Win Best Fanbase!
02-Apr-16 TOH Concert N1 | Los Angeles, CA
03-Apr-16 How Idol Changed Pop Culture|The Denver Post
03-Apr-16 TOH Concert N2 | Los Angeles, CA
04-Apr-16 Adam Lambert arriving at Pearson International Airport
04-Apr-16 Adam Lambert Talks Idol, 70s Rock And How He Got His Mojo – Popdust
05-Apr-16 Adam Lambert appears on American Idol: American Dream
06-Apr-16 The Big Money Winners on “American Idol” | Time
07-Apr-16 From Carrie to Kelly, American Idol’s Greatest Hitmakers | Toronto Star
07-Apr-16 Adam Lambert snapchat ‘Pewter’
08-Apr-16 ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ cast
08-Apr-16 Radio PP3 interview with Adam Lambert
08-Apr-16 Adam Lambert Explains Why He Missed Attending the ‘American Idol’ Finale | Billboard
08-Apr-16 Snapchat Faces & Unicorns
09-Apr-16 Which ‘American Idol’ Reject Should Have Won Their Season? | Popcrush
09-Apr-16 ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ makeup chair
10-Apr-16 Arriving London’s Heathrow International Airport | London, UK
10-Apr-16 Adam’s new official page on VK.com
11-Apr-16 VK.com chat with Adam Lambert | London, UK
11-Apr-16 HelloU chat with Adam Lambert | London, UK
11-Apr-16 Musical.ly Contest
12-Apr-16 From pop idol to global rockstar | Daily Star
12-Apr-16 ‘There’s no reason for the music industry to be scared” | DigitalSpy.com
12-Apr-16 Adam Lambert instagram ‘Lion KWEEN’
12-Apr-16 Adam Lambert Wants A Role In The Freddie Mercury Movie | Capital FM
12-Apr-16 Adam Lambert calls Bruce Springsteen a ‘badass’ | NME
13-Apr-16 Adam Lambert’s The Original High Tour | Heineken Music Hall | Amsterdam, Netherlands updated Apr 7, 2018
13-Apr-16 Ekdom In De Ochtend Nieuws | NPO Radio 2
14-Apr-16 Queen + Adam Lambert with Virgin Radio Italy | London, England
14-Apr-16 Adam Lambert’s The Original High Tour | Hammersmith Apollo | London, England updated Apr 7, 2018
14-Apr-16 Queen + Adam Lambert & Boy George After Show | London, England
16-Apr-16 Adam Lambert shopping at Top Man UK | Manchester, UK
16-Apr-16 Adam Lambert arriving at Manchester Academy for Soundcheck | Manchester, UK
16-Apr-16 TOH Tour | Manchester, UK
17-Apr-16 Adam Lambert arrives at airport | Moscow, Russia
18-Apr-16 BBC Radio 6 Music Breakfast Interviews Adam & Roger Taylor | England
18-Apr-16 TOH Tour | Moscow, Russia
19-Apr-16 Adam & His Team Leaving Airport | Tallinn, Estonia
19-Apr-16 Adam Lambert promo for Rock in Rio Lisbon 2016
19-Apr-16 Pro Novosti on Muz TV with Adam Lambert | Russia
19-Apr-16 Komsomolskaya Pravda News: Adam Lambert Live | Russia
19-Apr-16 Queen + Adam Lambert: Queen of factors concerts in Bulgaria | bTV News
19-Apr-16 Pyatnitsa News: Adam Lambert in concert | Russia
20-Apr-16 Adam Lambert snapchat ‘Billy Bob’
20-Apr-16 TOH tour | Tallinn, Estonia
21-Apr-16 Adam & Sauli Leaving Glo Hotel | Helsinki, Finland
21-Apr-16 ETV Ringvaade interview with Adam Lambert | Estonia
21-Apr-16 Weekender interview with Adam Lambert | Estonia
21-Apr-16 TOH Tour | Helsinki, Finland
22-Apr-16 Adam Lambert instagram’s ‘Bullseye’ & nakedness
22-Apr-16 Radio NRJ Interview | Helsinki, Finland
22-Apr-16 Adam Lambert väleistään Sauli Koskinen | MTV.fi
22-Apr-16 Adam Lambert Reveals The Icons Who First Made It Okay To Be Gay | Huffington Post
22-Apr-16 Radio Aalto Interview | Finland
23-Apr-16 Queen + Adam Lambert with BTV Cool T | Bulgaria
23-Apr-16 TOH Concert | Stockholm, Sweden
23-Apr-16 NHL on NBC Stanley Cup Playoffs ‘Welcome to the Show’
24-Apr-16 TOH Concert | Oslo, Norway
24-Apr-16 Adam Lambert snapchat singing ‘Cryin’ | Oslo, Norway
24-Apr-16 Adam Lambert snapchat singing ‘When Doves Cry’
25-Apr-16 TOH Concert | Copenhagen, Denmark
26-Apr-16 Adam Lambert riding a bike with friend’s | Copenhagen, Denmark
26-Apr-16 ‘Can’t Go Home’ Music Video Premiere | Idolator
26-Apr-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Brisant Prominent Prom Interview | Germany
26-Apr-16 Utv Interview with Queen + Adam Lambert | Romania
27-Apr-16 TOH Concert | Hamburg, Germany
27-Apr-16 Adam Lambert snapchat | Germany
28-Apr-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Interview with Digi24 | Romania
29-Apr-16 TOH Concert | Berlin, Germany
30-Apr-16 TOH Concert | Warsaw, Poland



02-May-16 Tipp3 Walk of Stars Gasometer | Vienna, Austria
02-May-16 TOH Concert | Vienna, Austria
03-May-16 Adam with friend’s at Atlas Foyer Tavern Bar | Milan, Italy
03-May-16 Adam Lambert for Macy’s | Endorsement
03-May-16 Adam Lambert Introduces the 70/70 Campaign for Freddie’s birthday
04-May-16 TOH Concert | Milan, Italy
04-May-16 Adam with friend’s | Milan, Italy
05-May-16 Adam Lambert arriving at the concert venue | Zurich, Switzerland
05-May-16 TOH Concert | Zürich, Switzerland
06-May-16 Backstage Interview | Eska.pl
06-May-16 Isle of Wight Festival | Promo
06-May-16 TOH Concert | Munich, Germany
06-May-16 Adam Lambert After Concert | Munich, Germany
08-May-16 Adam with Charl Brown | London, UK
09-May-16 Co Za Tydzien TVN Interview | Warsaw, Poland
09-May-16 Vote for CMT Music Awards Performance of the Year
10-May-16 The Hot Desk Interview | London, UK
10-May-16 In store Macy’s promo & digital catalogue
11-May-16 Charity Auction | Liberty Hill
11-May-16 4Fun TV Interview with Adam Lambert | Poland
11-May-16 Adam Lambert snapchat | London, UK
13-May-16 Adam Lambert presents at the British LGBT Awards 2016 | London, UK
11-May-16 Adam Lambert snapchat | London, UK
13-May-16 Adam Lambert at British LGBT Awards 2016 | London, UK
14-May-16 Adam Lambert performance for G-A-Y | London, UK
15-May-16 Queen + Adam Lambert tour rehearsal | London, UK
16-May-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Interview | Life in Queen
17-May-16 Adam Lambert as Grandma June | London, UK
18-May-16 Adam Lambert Snapchat | London, UK
20-May-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Lisboa, Portugal
22-May-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Barcelona, Spain
24-May-16 ERR Queen + Adam Lambert Interview | Estonia
24-May-16 ‘It Got Better’ Interview
25-May-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Linz, Austria
26-May-16 Adam Lambert ‘Cockpit’ on Queen Jet
27-May-16 Queen + Adam Lambert on 24UR News | Linz, Austria
27-May-16 Queen + Adam Lambert on LT1 News | Linz, Austria
27-May-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Cologne, Germany
27-May-16 Adam Lambert snapchat after concert | Cologne, Germany
28-May-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Landing at Airport | Denmark
29-May-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Jelling, Denmark
31-May-16 Adam Lambert Snapchat
31-May-16 Adam Lambert at Soho House | London, UK
31-May-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Isle of Wight | Promo



01-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Interview with RMF FM | Poland
01-Jun-16 Adam Lambert Snapchat | London, UK
02-Jun-16 Adam Lambert Interview with Radio Aalto | Helsinki, Finland
02-Jun-16 Adam Lambert Snapchat | London, UK
03-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Arriving Finland | Seiska.fi
03-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Helsinki, Finland
04-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Travel to Tallinn, Estonia | Elu24
05-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | 2016 Song Festival | Tallinn, Estonia
05-Jun-16 Adam Lambert Safari Snapchat | Tallinn, Estonia
06-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert | Uudised News TV3 | Estonia
06-Jun-16 Adam Lambert and Sauli | Estonia
06-Jun-16 Adam Lambert Snapchat of Brian May | Estonia
07-Jun-16 BBC with Alex Dyke about Queen + Adam Lambert
08-Jun-16 Adam Lambert Statement About Trump
09-Jun-16 Mix 94.1 Attempts to Call Adam Lambert
09-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Rock Festival | Sölvesborg, Sweden
10-Jun-16 BBC Radio 2 with Roger Taylor
11-Jun-16 Adam Lambert at Troxy Theater | London, UK
12-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Helicopter Ride to Isle of Wight
12-Jun-16 Absolute Radio Backstage Interview | Isle of Wight
12-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Isle of Wight | Newport, UK
14-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Tel Aviv Concert Announcement
14-Jun-16 Adam Lambert caught by Paparazzi at Chiltern Fire House | London, UK
15-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Palais 12 | Brussels, Belgium
15-Jun-16 Adam Lambert in his dressing room before show | Brussels, Belgium
16-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Virgin Radio Italy Interview
17-Jun-19 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Rock the Ring | Hinwil, Switzerland
17-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Official Show Reel
19-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Meet & Greet | Oświęcim, Poland
19-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Life Festival | Oświęcim, Poland
20-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Arriving Bucharest, Romania
21-Jun-16 Adam Lambert X-Factor Announcement | Daily Telegraph
21-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Life Music Festival | Bucharest, Romania
22-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Arriving Sofia, Bulgaria
23-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Bidur Nana 10 Interview with Dana Grotsky | Israel
23-Jun-16 Disarm Hate | Billboard
23-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Stirile Pro TV Interview | Romania
23-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Georgi Asparuhov Stadium | Sofia, Bulgaria
24-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert YNet Interview | Israel
24-Jun-16 Adam Lambert at club | Venice, Italy
25-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Meet & Greet | Padova, Italy
25-Jun-16 NME Magazine print interview with Adam Lambert
25-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Hydrogen Festival | Padova, Italy
26-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Interview by Assi Azar | Israel
26-Jun-16 Adam Lambert snapchat on the water | Venice, Italy
26-Jun-16 Adam Lambert snapchat filters | Italy
26-Jun-16 Adam snapchat flying from Italy to Australia
27-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert Promo | Bangkok, Thailand
27-Jun-16 The Daily Telegraph Catches Adam Lambert’s Airport Arrival | Sydney, Australia
28-Jun-16 Adam Lambert at Morgan Hill Hair Salon | Sydney, Australia
28-Jun-16 Adam Lambert snapchat in a car | Sydney, Australia
28-Jun-16 The X-Factor Taping Day 1 | Sydney, Australia
29-Jun-16 The X-Factor Taping Day 2 | Sydney, Australia
30-Jun-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Tokyo Concert Promo
30-Jun-16 The X-Factor Taping Day 3 | Sydney, Australia



01-Jul-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Tokyo Concert Promo
02-Jul-16 Adam Lambert at RuPaul’s BOT’s Live Show | Sydney, Australia
02-Jul-16 Willam Belli After Party at The Midnight Shift | Sydney, Australia
02-Jul-16 BTS at X-Factor Promotional Shoot | Sydney, Australia
03-Jul-16 Guy Sebastian about Adam Lambert’s Shoes | Sydney, Australia
03-Jul-16 Working Out & BTS at X-Factor Promotional Shoot | Sydney, Australia
04-Jul-16 Adam Lambert Signs with MiLK Management
04-Jul-16 The X-Factor Taping Day 4 | Sydney, Australia
05-Jul-16 The X-Factor Taping Day 5 | Sydney, Australia
05-Jul-16 Charity Single | ‘Hand’s’ A Song for Orlando
06-Jul-16 ‘Welcome to the Show’ Music Video Premiere
07-Jul-16 Paparazzi catches Adam at the Sydney International Airport | Australia
10-Jul-16 Adam Lambert Out with Friend’s | Los Angeles, CA
13-Jul-16 Adam Lambert at Buzz Salon | Los Angeles, CA
13-Jul-16 Adam Lambert snapchat ’10 o’clock shadow’ | Los Angeles, CA
13-Jul-19 Queen + Adam Lambert Promo for Bangkok, Thailand
14-Jul-16 Adam Lambert sings ‘Summertime’ on snapchat | Los Angeles, CA
15-Jul-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Promo for Taipei, Taiwan
15-Jul-16 Adam Lambert on snapchat | Los Angeles, CA
16-Jul-16 Paparazzi Find Adam Lambert at The Nice Guy | Los Angeles, CA
18-Jul-16 Adam Lambert’s Net Worth
19-Jul-16 Adam Lambert at Rocky Horror Picture Show Gathering | Malibu, CA
21-Jul-16 Rocky Horror Picture Show | Trailers
21-Jul-16 Adam Lambert at 97.1 ampradio event then Soho House | Los Angeles, CA
22-Jul-16 Paparazzi catch Adam Lambert dining at Bootsy Bellows | West Hollywood, CA
23-Jul-16 Adam Lambert snapchat of smoke from the beach | Los Angeles, CA
24-Jul-16 X-Factor AU | Promo
24-Jul-16 ‘Can’t Go Home’ Noisecontrollers? | Remix
25-Jul-16 Adam Lambert in televised anti-homophobia ad by Globo Group | Brazil
25-Jul-16 Adam Lambert snapchat in Sydney, Australia
26-Jul-16 Adam Lambert snapchat in Sydney, Australia
26-Jul-16 ‘The Original High’ | Demos
27-Jul-16 Adam Lambert snapchat from Sydney, Australia
28-Jul-16 Adam Lambert morning snapchat | Sydney, AU
28-Jul-16 The X-Factor Bootcamp Day 1 | Sydney, AU
28-Jul-16 ‘Ghost Town’ | Braveheart Remix
29-Jul-16 The X-Factor Bootcamp Day 2 | Sydney, AU
29-Jul-16 Greatest Hits 1×06 | Promo
29-Jul-16 Adam Lambert snapchat | Sydney, AU
30-Jul-16 Adam Lambert at Sydney Airport traveling back to Los Angeles
30-Jul-16 Adam Lambert out with friends | Los Angeles, CA
31-Jul-16 Adam Lambert picture | Los Angeles, CA
31-Jul-16 Iggy Azalea about Adam Lambert | E! News
31-Jul-16 Queen + Adam Lambert | Tokyo, Japan | Promo



02-Aug-16 Adam Lambert snapchat running on Runyon Canyon
03-Aug-16 Greatest Hits | Promo
03-Aug-16 Isle of Wight on MTV Live | Promo
03-Aug-16 Rocky Horror Picture Show | Picture
03-Aug-16 52 Hottest Gay Guys | MSN
03-Aug-16 Greatest Hits | Rehearsal Pictures
03-Aug-16 Paparazzi catch Adam Lambert leaving The Nice Guy | Los Angeles, CA
04-Aug-16 The Morning Show about Adam Lambert | Australia
04-Aug-16 Adam Lambert performs on the Greatest Hits | Live
04-Aug-16 New Music Snippet | ‘Broken’ Tritonal & Jenaux feat. Adam Lambert
04-Aug-16 Adam Lambert at club after Greatest Hits | Los Angeles, CA
05-Aug-16 Snapchats at Adams House | Los Angeles, CA
05-Aug-16 Adam Lambert snapchat shenanigans | Los Angeles, CA
06-Aug-16 The X Factor Adam Lambert Sneak Peek | Sydney, AU
06-Aug-16 Adam Lambert laying out at his house | Los Angeles, CA
06-Aug-16 Adam Lambert with friends | Los Angeles, CA
08-Aug-16 Rocky Horror Picture Show | Promo
09-Aug-16 Rocky Horror Picture Show | Pictures
09-Aug-16 Adam Lambert snapchat with friends | Los Angeles, CA
10-Aug-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Tour Promo | Bangkok, Thailand
10-Aug-16 Adam Lambert with friends at Mickys Weho | Los Angeles, CA
11-Aug-16 New Music Release: ‘Broken’
12-Aug-16 Queen + Adam Lambert | Promo | Shanghai, China
13-Aug-16 Adam Lambert gets a haircut | Los Angeles, CA
14-Aug-16 Adam Lambert TV special on WOWOW | Promo
15-Aug-16 Adam Lambert traveling to Mykonos Island, Greece
15-Aug-16 Adam Lambert vacationing in Greece
16-Aug-16 Adam Lambert vacationing in Greece
17-Aug-16 Adam Lambert vacationing in Greece
18-Aug-16 Adam Lambert vacationing in Greece
19-Aug-16 Rocky Horror Picture Show | Finding Frank N. Furter
20-Aug-16 Adam Lambert vacationing in Greece
21-Aug-16 Adam Lambert vacationing in Greece
23-Aug-16 Time Out Shanghai | Roger Taylor about Adam Lambert
25-Aug-16 Adam Lambert snapchat ‘Detox Realness’ | Los Angeles, CA
26-Aug-16 ‘Can’t Go Home’ Steve Aoki & Felix Jaehn feat. Adam Lambert | Remixes
26-Aug-16 Adam Lambert vacation roundup | Mykonos Island, Greece
28-Aug-16 Adam Lambert watching the VMAs at the Abbey | L.A.
30-Aug-16 Adam Lambert at the beach | Los Angeles, CA
30-Aug-16 Rocky Horror Picture Show | Promo
30-Aug-16 The X-Factor Australia | Promo
31-Aug-16 Adam Lambert cooking at home | Los Angeles, CA



01-Sep-16 Paparazzi catch Adam Lambert shopping at Bristol Farms | L.A.
02-Sep-16 Adam Lambert at Mr. Blacks | Los Angeles, CA
04-Sep-16 The X-Factor promo with Adam Lambert | Australia
04-Sep-16 W0W0W Adam Lambert TV Special | Japan
06-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Rehearsals | London, UK
08-Sep-16 Adam Lambert snap ‘peepin sheep’ | Mykonos, Greece
08-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Tour Rehearsal | London, UK
09-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert in the Straits Times Newspaper | Singapore
09-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert in Newspaper | Israel
09-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert in teen magazine | Israel
09-Sep-16 X-Factor promo with Adam Lambert on yahoo7 | Australia
11-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Arrive in Israel
12-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Hayarkon Park | Tel Aviv, Israel
12-Sep-16 Adam Lambert at Lima Lima Club After Concert | Israel
13-Sep-16 Adam Lambert in photo book ‘Red Blooded American Male’ new
14-Sep-16 Adam Lambert interview with ICRT | Taipei, Taiwan
17-Sep-16 Adam Lambert Interview on RTHK2 | Hong Kong, China
17-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Padang Grandstand | Singapore
17-Sep-16 X-Factor Promo ‘Meet the Judges’ | Australia
18-Sep-16 Adam Lambert ‘Sleepy’ on the way to Taipei, Taiwan
18-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Arrive in Taipei, Taiwan
18-Sep-16 X-Factor Promo ‘What does it take?’ | Australia
19-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Nangon Exhibition Hall | Taipei, Taiwan
21-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Nippon Budokan Day 1 | Tokyo, Japan
22-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Nippon Budokan Day 2 | Tokyo, Japan
23-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Nippon Budokan, Day 3 | Tokyo, Japan
26-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Mercedes-Benz Arena | Shanghai, China
26-Sep-16 Adam Lambert at MYST club after Queen concert | Shanghai, China
27-Sep-16 First Adam Lambert pic from Joseph Sinclair photo shoot
27-Sep-16 Adam Lambert sings ‘Imagine’ for Unicef
28-Sep-16 Adam Lambert in Weekend West’s Seven Days Magazine | Australia
28-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | AsiaWorld-Expo Arena | Hong Kong, China
28-Sep-16 Adam Lambert at STUDIO club after Queen concert | Hong Kong, China
29-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert arrive in Bangkok, Thailand
30-Sep-16 Queen + Adam Lambert Concert | Impact Arena | Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand



03-Nov-16 Sunrise on 7 with Adam Lambert | Sydney, Australia
03-Nov-16 WS FM 101.7 interview with Adam Lambert | Australia
03-Nov-16 Gold 104.3 Jo & Lehmo interview with Adam Lambert | Australia
03-Nov-16 Fox 101.9 Interview with Adam Lambert | Australia
03-Nov-16 KIIS 106.5 interview with Adam Lambert | Australia
03-Nov-16 Nova 96.9 Fitzy & Wippa with Adam Lambert | Sydney, AU
03-Nov-16 2DayFM 104.1 Rove & Sam with Adam Lambert | Sydney, AU
03-Nov-16 Adam Lambert shopping after doing interviews | Australia
05-Nov-16 Adam Lambert and ‘Bats’ | Sydney, Australia
06-Nov-16 Adam Lambert snapchat on the way to X-Factor | Sydney, Australia
06-Nov-16 Spotify interview with Adam Lambert | Sydney, Australia
06-Nov-16 The X-Factor Season 8 Episode 14 | Australia
06-Nov-16 Adam Lambert at the Beresford After shooting the X-Factor | Australia
07-Nov-16 The X-Factor Season 8 Episode 15 | Australia
09-Nov-16 Mel B at Adam Lambert’s dinner party | Australia
13-Nov-16 The X-Factor Season 8 Episode 16 | Australia
14-Nov-16 The X-Factor Season 8 Episode 17 | Australia
15-Nov-16 X-Factor Behind the Scenes of Amalia’s Home Visit | Melbourne, Australia
15-Nov-16 Adam Lambert at Crown Casino | Melbourne, Australia
16-Nov-16 X-Factor Behind the Scenes of Isaiah’s Home Visit | Moama, Australia
16-Nov-16 Iggy Azalea talks about Adam Lambert at GQ Awards
20-Nov-16 The X-Factor Season 8 Episode 18 | Australia
21-Nov-16 X-Factor Pre-show Interviews | Sydney, Australia
21-Nov-16 The X-Factor Season 8 Episode 19 | Australia
21-Nov-16 Adam Lambert attends the X-Factor after-party | Sydney, Australia
22-Nov-16 Adam Lambert attends the iHeartRadio concert | Sydney, Australia
23-Nov-16 Adam Lambert departs Sydney, Australia after X-Factor season ends
23-Nov-16 ‘Queen + Adam Lambert Live in Japan’ DVD Trailer | Tokyo, Japan
24-Nov-16 Adam Lambert with family for Thanksgiving | Los Angeles, CA
25-Nov-16 Adam Lambert with friend’s for Thanksgiving | California
27-Nov-16 Adam Lambert out and about | Los Angeles, CA
28-Nov-16 Adam Lambert in the audience at The Voice | Los Angeles, CA


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