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14 Jan 2016 | Japan

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Adam Lambert ‘s visit to Japan! Talk about the latest work “Original · High”, Max Martin & Shellback, and his own growth

Adam Lambert made his debut from the popular audition program “American Idol”, then went through a big selection to the legendary band, Queen’s vocals, and grew up in 2015 with the latest album “Original High”. Currently, Billboard JAPAN interviewed him who is in the midst of a solo · Japan tour for the first time in about three years.

The stage of ‘The original high’ tour ‘that the whole show is linked with his different personality is just a fulfilling entertainment live, including its vivid visuals. It is also a must-see stage to see the fans, as well as the underpower of US’s latest entertainment show (Tokyo additional performance is held on January 15th and 16th). I would like you to read his words at the forefront of US entertainment world.

◎ 【About “Original · High” Tour】】

Adam : (Look at the PC case I had) That’s it!

–Thank you. I do not use PC in the interview, but it will be calm down if it is somehow on hand. On the contrary, Mr. Adam says, “Is there something like that even when you are on tour, will it calm down with this?”

Adam : It’s a cell phone. Already, surgery and attach it to your arms! It is addiction (laugh).


Adam : It really makes me do a lot with that one. I can do my job and I can play games.

– OK (haha). I think that [the “original high” tour] from the beginning of the year is beginning, but was the live over there be crowded?

Adam : Although it was a feeling of so-called warm up in China, in fact this time tour can not take time to prepare at all. Since I am ambitious, I always feel like I’d like to do that, I want to do this as well, but this time I was getting covered with the time from Christmas to New Year, so I could not take the time quite a bit . But, the team members who are doing together this time really did their best and, thanks to that, they are in shape properly. I am so proud of that.

In China, first doing it in Beijing, then doing in the arena in Shanghai, it seems that the condition has finally come out. The entire show is divided into three parts, each representing my different personality.

– What kind of personality are each?

Adam : The first section, rather rather dark, has a bit of anger and tension, and it represents the troubles that anyone would hold inside. And the second section is about hearts and delicate parts, human relations and love. And the third section is part of a fun party that also exposed my stupid and joked parts (laugh).

I think that my show will be in the first place. In the form that I can show myself who know such things while having strong and angry parts like that. So I feel like I got a good finish for this show. Each section will change the way you see it, so you can enjoy it there too.

◎ New album, Max · Martin & Shellback, about his own growth

– As a meaning of several aspects, the new work “Original · High” is also a work that has different aspect from your previous work. Is it a work of dark, calm tones?

ADAM : That’s right. Even in terms of vocals, there have been many aggressive expressions that sing out extensively in previous albums. This time I do not have a part of my personality, but as a vocalist I thought that I wanted to present a different aspect. I feel a bit more intimate, like feeling like drawing in listeners, I feel like I’m singing next to you personally on the listening side. There is no one to sing in a loud voice while singing next to you, is not it?

After all the problem of the mind. As the concept of this album, there were many lyrics singing inner things, so it seems that it also appeared in the interpretation of the song.

–I see.

Adam : After 6 years since appearing in the scene at “American Idol”, it is human as well, but also in music, when I look back on those days, “I can do this with this voice like this!” I think that I wanted to prove that I was very strong. Of course, I still have that kind of feeling, but I do not feel like shaking it up to that point, using the feelings that “songs have” as the leading role, using sound production as a mood making more subtle I wonder if I could concentrate on expression as a singer. That is a very good thing for me and I think that the influence of Max Martin (the producer) who pulled in that direction also was great. It was also thanks to Max that it became the way to show new things with such a tone or approach.

– Max Martin is truly a worldwide producer and at the same time it’s not a type of person who stands on the table itself, right?

ADAM : That’s right. I think that’s their good point. It is not celebrity oriented, I am thinking only about making music really, I am trying to become an artist’s power. Being himself famous is not his goal. On the contrary, if it was a person being driven by the ego, I think it was impossible. People who are really doing just love for music. And he knows how to connect with many people and how to listen to music I love to love. I think that is his excellent place as a producer.

Indeed it is a person who does not go out to people very much, but if you say that it is really shy to say so, it is not so, it is a really normal, really calm person. There is a sense of humor, and there are some irony somewhere (laugh), I have met with my family, but it is a really nice person. Shellback is also the same, it is a famous producer, but he does not show up so much here and there. But when I meet, it is a very talented person, and that part is common.

– I do not want to hear what you want, but lastly, please let me know if you have a project you are working on or plan for the future.

Adam : Now I am able to do this tour for the rest of the tour, I will continue this world tour for the next six months and in the summer I will come out with a festival this time in the queen. When that is over, it will be a holiday later this year! … (to say the manager)

Manager : (shake his head as he laughs)

Adam : (LOL laugh). It seems I will not let you rest (laugh).

– There are times when you need time to rest so that you can become a creative (laugh).

ADAM : That’s right. I guess she (manager) knows well (laugh). But in truth, in order to evolve and create new art, I do not mean that it is from one to the next, I also think that time is necessary to learn and look back.

◎ Japan Tour Information

<Tokyo Performance>
Friday, January 15, 2016, Saturday, January 16 Tokyo · EX Theater Roppongi
Ticket: 8,500 (Arena: Standing · Admission Admission Number, Stand: Seat Designation / Tax included )
Inquiries: Udo Music Office 03-3402-5999 ( )

※ Sendai, Hiroshima, Osaka, Nagoya performance ends


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アダム・ランバート来日インタビュー! 最新作『オリジナル・ハイ』、マックス・マーティン&シェルバック、そして自身の成長について語る

人気オーディション番組『アメリカン・アイドル』からデビュー、その後、伝説的バンド、クイーンのボーカルへの大抜擢を経て、2015年には最新アルバム『オリジナル・ハイ』で成長した姿を見せたアダム・ランバート。現在、約3年ぶりのソロ・ジャパン・ツアーの真っ只中でもある彼に今回、Billboard JAPANがインタビューを行った。





























2016年1月15日(金)・1月16日(土) 東京・EXシアター六本木
お問い合わせ:ウドー音楽事務所 03-3402-5999 (



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