Adam Lambert is currently touring the country on his Original High tour, and he just flew through the Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino – Hollywood this past weekend.

Since his days on American Idol, Lambert has established himself has a successful musician, a queer force to be reckoned with in the industry. In 2015, the 34 year old singer released his third album, The Original High, which debuted at number three on the U.S. Billboard 200. Lambert climbed to the top of Forbes list for the first time, pulling in a career-high of $10 million in 2015. Forbes wrote, “Lambert’s earnings were buoyed by cash accumulated while playing arena shows as the front man of legendary glam rock band Queen.”

I’m not sure you could consider me a ‘Glambert’ per se – but I have admired the singer for some time. I really didn’t know what to expect from the evening, as grabbing tickets happened last minute. So here are seven things I learned from Lambert’s show at the Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino – Hollywood. From Trump supporters to the possible long lost sibling of Beyoncé, I learned some surprising and not so surprising lessons during Glambert 101.

7. Alex Newell Claims To Be The Long Lost Sibling Of Beyoncé
Opener Alex Newell tore through his impressive vocals phenomenally. The former Glee star had great banter with the audience, getting them pumped for the headliner. At one point, he got “personal” with the audience claiming to be the long lost sibling of Beyoncé. I don’t think we need a paternity to test the validity of that false statement. But all in all, the gender barrier breaking vocalist performed energetically, proving that his fifteen minutes of fame are only the beginning of a long career ahead.

6. Hard Rock Is Disney For Adults
When we parked on the fourth floor of a garage, my date and I overlooked the expanse of land below that reminded us both of Disney. Well, Disney for adults. We walked around the manufactured streets observing lots of watering hotels, gaming tables, tattoo parlors, and spots to grab some grub. True – you can tell the venue is usually full of straight people who probably support Trump. But tonight was an exception because of the Lambert concert. There were gaggles of gays everywhere, making the experience a lot more comfortable. Regardless, if you are into the casino vibe and enjoy having a drink outside – I would recommend the Hard Rock as a possible nightlife destination.

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5. Middle Aged Straight People Love Him
Instantly, my date and I were amazed at the diverse and wide range of people walking into the theater for Lambert. From families to 20-something gays wearing too much eyeliner and vests, there was every type of Floridian there. Surprisingly, the majority were middle aged straight people. Later, I realized the esteem of Lambert to this audience. At times, he and his band channeled Aerosmith or Bon Jovi – providing an arena rock ambiance to the night bringing Stacey the 47-year-old hair stylist back to her teen years.

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4. He Knows How To Pick A Cover
The first thing I wondered when we sat down for the show was what covers he would do. When I saw Ariana Grande live, she did a mash up of “Vogue” with “I’m Every Woman.” How epic is that? Here, Lambert did not disappoint. Mid-way through, he sang “Mad World” – the haunting ballad originally sung by Gary Jules made famous on the Donnie Darko soundtrack. Later, he paid tribute to the late Bowie with a praiseworthy rendition of “Let’s Dance.”

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3. The Boy Knows How To Do A Costume Change
The singer’s set wasn’t that long – but he managed to do three costume changes during it. Starting off the show in a modern athleisure look with glitter boots, he then changed into a very 80’s Miami vice all white suit look. His final, and possibly most ostentations, was a glitter camouflage outfit. Toned down since his early days, Lambert’s is still flamboyant and ostentatious.

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2. He Is Not A Talker
Lambert only addressed the audience twice. The first time, he previously thanked the audience for their support and reminded us that this was his second appearance at Hard Rock Live at Seminole Hard Rock Hollywood. He also mentioned something about “popping cherries” followed by a tongue in cheek giggle. Later, he spoke about the importance of realizing we are all more alike than different. “We’re all human beings. And you know what? We all got hearts. They’re the same damn organ and they feel a lot of the same shit and that’s what I love. I love that music can connect us and bring us together. I know it’s idealistic but I’m a pop a star so that’s my gig.” Cheesy but at least he admitted to being super extra so I can totally respect that. It also may be a lesson we need to hear right now in our country.

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1. He Can Sing – And Body Roll With The Best Of Us
Lambert vocals were off the charts explosive. One of the first songs he performed was his recent hit “Ghost Town.” Not only did Lambert show his vocal chops, he also moved his body to some sexy choreo proving he can body roll with the best of us. He belted out his most popular song, “Whataya Want From Me” and featured newer singles “Another Lonely Night” and “The Original High.” But, my favorite was his finale “If I Had You,” a song I forgot was the soundtrack to a lot of my pre-gaming parties during my early 20’s.

All in all, Lambert gave us a gay night out proving he will always be our queer idol.

Photo Credit: Ralph Notaro/Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.


7 Things I Learned at the Adam Lambert Concert.

Source: 7 Things I Learned at the Adam Lambert Concert

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