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19 Mar 2016


It’s Adam Lambert’s “Mad World”, and we’re just living in it!

Season 8 Idol runner-up Adam Lambert has proven that you don’t have to win it all to find success, becoming a global glam rocker in the years since his television debut. Each of the last 7 seasons, he has returned to the stage and delivered so many incredible performances, and American Idol welcomed him to the show for two more to celebrate his final appearance.

This week’s show opened with a throwback to Adam’s original Top 8 performance of Gary Jules’ haunting “Mad World”, which Adam reprised, much to the audience’s delight! Later, Adam was happy to entertain and share with us his new one-off single “Welcome to The Show”, recently released on iTunes. Featuring Swedish songwriter and songstress Laleh, the duo brought pyrotechnics and power to the stage, completely rocking the catchy anthem.

Candidly speaking with, Adam reflected on his Idol experience, then and now.

What was it like returning to the show one last time?

It’s always nostalgic. It’s great to see the staff that’s still here, ‘cause there’s such fun memories. I got up on stage tonight for my first song, and I got all nervous again! There’s something about coming back to the show that brings up all this adrenaline.

Your latest album “The Original High” was released in summer 2015, but you’ve just debuted a brand new song, “Welcome to The Show”, which is not associated with any upcoming studio LP. What inspired you to release this single?

I really wanted to put out something new. My fans are so amazing. They’re so loyal and devout. They’ve digested this album twenty times already, so I just wanted to put something out that would be a surprise. I was like, “It’s gonna be spring, let’s do something anthemic and empowering.” I met Laleh through [music producer] Max Martin, and she had this idea for this song. Instantly, the lyric hit me right away ‘cause I feel like it’s so direct, and it’s so honest. I feel like it’s about a lot of different kinds of things, which is interesting, you know? I think a lot of people can find meaning in it with their own life.

Do you have a favorite moment or experience from your Idol season?

I was really excited to be able to sing Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”, because Led Zeppelin had never been cleared before. [American Idol] has to get the publishing rights to be able to perform the song, and I kept asking, and they finally cleared it. The band, I guess, found out that I was gonna do it, and they were like, “Yeah, he’s cool!” So that was a big moment!

(Back then, the judges raved after Adam’s Zeppelin tribute, with former judge Randy Jackson accurately predicting, “You are a rockstar waiting to happen!”)

The other really important thing that happened to me at the very end of Idol was that I met Queen, and that turned into a collaboration that’s still ongoing. We’ve been on a world tour, so very exciting!

What has American Idol meant to you?

It launched my career! I’d been doing theater my whole life, and that’s sort of what I’d been brought up doing and what I was groomed for. Into my twenties, I was doing a lot of productions here in LA, and I started to really desire taking more of an active role in my artistry and creating my own stuff and being myself. I wanted to make original music. It just started to become my passion, and so I started working in studios and doing demos…and I realized very quickly how difficult the music industry is to break into. I’d been watching American Idol since the beginning. I was always a fan – never thought I was right for the show! I always thought I’d be too left-of-center. That year that I auditioned, I thought, “You know, I need a chance. I need to open some doors.” That’s all I thought it was going to end up being! I didn’t expect it to take me all the way to here, so it’s been very, very, very rewarding.

Glamberts can catch Adam currently on tour, and be sure to watch him as “Eddie” this Fall on FOX’s two-hour “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” event!


Adam Lambert Gets Nostalgic with Final Idol Appearance | American Idol on Fox.

Source: Adam Lambert Gets Nostalgic with Final Idol Appearance | American Idol on Fox

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