Queen + Adam Lambert on BTV ‘Cool T’ | Bulgaria

23 Apr 2016


PD: Welcome back after the break, you are watching Cool…T.
I saw our next guests for a first time 8 years ago in Dominion Theater. Brian May and Roger Tyler haven’t changed a bit – now I know this is how it is with real icons. Few days ago, in London again, these legends sat like 20 centimeters away from me. They were joined by the rock idol Adam Lambert. Of course Lambert didn’t miss the chance to point out we are having the same nail polish color, which was black 🙂

After more than a 40 years anticipation Queen and Adam Lambert will rock Sofia on 23th of June, Vasil Levski stadium (@ellieg – she has mistaken the stadium – it’s Asparuhov, not Vasil Levski but whatever 🙂 ).

PD(to the guys): How are you?

RT: We are good

DP: You are not as nervous as I am (laugh)

BM: Oh, we are a bit nervous too.

PD: Good, that makes me feel a bit better

PD: I would like to thank you for your time first and would like to start with a question to Mr May – You were in Sofia only a month ago…

BM: Yes, it was not long ago and now I know how to pronounce the name correctly – something I didn’t know in the first 50 years of my life – it’s Sofia, not Sofia. It was fantastic.

PD: Did you have the chance to go around the city, sightseeing, to try the local cuisine?

BM: Yes, I’ve tried some food, was very delicious. The hotel was also very nice, we were walking around – it’s a beautiful city. We also managed to see some places outside Sofia as we were traveling on the tour bus. It’s very beautiful and I am happy that we will be going back there to play Queen songs.

PD: Thank you
(they show Adam’s AI audition of BoRap)

PD voice: Brian and Roger meet Adam in 2009 on the American idol stage and… the rest is history. Adam wares make up and doesn’t hide the fact that he is gay. Actually the media defines Lambert as the first openly gay musician to top the music charts. Queen and Adam Lambert play together on tour since 2011.

PD: Please tell us a bit more about the show on 23th of June

RT: Well, we’ll be playing and the fabulous Adam Lambert will be singing and you will hear a lot of our hits. And we hope it will be the most spectacular show so far. You know we always keep working on the show to make it more spectacular and everyone to have a wonderful time. This would be my first time in your country and I pretty much looking forward to it, I want to see Bulgaria and hopefully everyone will have a great time.

AL: It’s gonna be a party, one hell of a party (laughs)

PD: I’m sure it will. How long the show is going to be?

BM: Usualy we play for about 2 hours, I don’t for how long we are going to be allowed to play.

AL: There might be a limit but we will play as much as we can

PD: Back in the days Queen – did you ever plan to come in Bulgaria?

BM: It was not possible during these times, we couldn’t go beyond the ‘iron curtain’. It was our dream, that we can just now fulfill.

PD voice: Dr Brian May says he prefers to be remembered with his work towards animal rescue, instead of remembering him with his music or his scientific work. BUT he likes to remind when they record We Will Rock You in the studio he had used his knowledge in physics although not revealing how exactly. Actually even before Queen to obtain their legendary status, the band was ‘doomed’ to succeed with members who are astrophysics student (May), a dentistry student (Tylor) and graphic design student (Mercury)

PD: Mr Tylor, I have read your interviews, you say he has been your best friend (Freddie). How would you describe him?

RT: Well, he was very funny, Adam is very funny too. Freddie had a great sense of humor, he had a vision and the band was very democratic. And as Brian loves to say – if we assume that Freddie was a leader ‘cause he was upfront and always in the spot light, he was very generous. It was great times and we miss him, he is part of us.

PD voice: Before Queen Brian and Roger had a band named Smile. May gets the band together putting an announcement for a drummer on the school adboard. Tylor responds to the announcement and Mercury joins them in 1970.

PD: When you were still smile what were your impressions of Freddie when you saw him for a very first time?

BM: Oh, he was quite shocking. Back then he was part of a group – Sour milk see – and another one named Wreckage. These groups were like Smile, we were just boys.

PD voice: Freddie names the band Queen and as his band mates remember – he was very aware about the gay association it defies.

BM: He was running all the time, he was like a frenetic dervish on the stage and screaming his lungs off – he hadn’t really learned to control it yet. But he learned very quickly, especially in the studio. When he was in the studio and heard how his voice was coming back he already knew what to do and what is that final step he needs to take to become a great vocalist.

RT: We thought then that he is half mad. When we first time saw him he hadn’t controlled his voice, as Brian said and it was amusing. But we had a magic, this vitality

PD VOICE: Brian and Roger say that Adam has the Freddie factor. He is a tenor and can hold a note for up to 22 seconds. The real color of his hair is ginger and he worked in a coffee shop. When he was 19 he left college to go around the world, singing on ships and he lost 10 kg before going on American Idol

PD: How much of a big task is it to fill in Freddie’s shoes?

BM: These boots are Adam’s

AL: Well, I bring my own shoes. (laugh) But it was very hard in the beginning. It was challenging to decide how to do it

RT: He had such small feet (laugh)

AL: Of course when I’ve learned the songs – and I am huge fan of Queen – there was a certain amount of Freddie in the songs, I just can’t avoid that, it’s the way I sing. He was incredible. It was also important for me to find a way to make it my own ‘cause I think that the audience wants to see an authentic emotion and not an imitation. And I think it would be disrespectful to the audience and to Freddie if I tried to imitate him.

PD: When you have tens of thousands of women, men that are screaming your name, ready to do anything – how do you keep it normal?

BM: I don’t know if we keep it normal…

AL: I have never been normal …

RT: We try, but we are not normal

AL: It’s part of the secret.

PD voice: According to May during their best days everything has coming their way big time and could destroy them. The fact that they were the biggest deal at the time around the world have made them lose control. Especially Mercury. The hardest moment for the guitarist is in May 1974, Furies theatre in New York, When Brian May collapses and shortly after that have been diagnosed with hepatitis. The 68 old guitarist confesses that he had severe depression in the early 90-s and he even gotten as far as trying to commit suicide.

PD: Some fans think that the drugs, the men, the women seem to be a way out of this madness

BM: But this madness is very nice, we are lucky to have this madness.

RT: I tried them all, but had no effect on me (laughs)

PD voice: When the band records The Show Must Go On in 1990, the health of Mercury has already deteriorated. He is barely walking but tells to the guys – write me more songs, write more. May describes him as fearless to the illness and according to his words, Freddie would definitely approve of Adam.

PD: Mr Lambert, do you have….

AL: Just call me Adam …

PD: thank you

PD voice: Adam Lambert says he doesn’t like to be treated like someone special. He thinks it’s ridiculous of some celebrities who forbid their fans for instance of eye contact. He thinks it’s important for him to be surrounded with people that say NO to him every once in a while.

PD: Any funny story with any of your fans?

AL: It’s really thrilling to me to be able to join these guys. I think we have people in the audiences that have been to their shows back in the days too, during the 70s and the 80s. It’s interesting to see the fans that have been seeing the band during the years and to hear their stories and impressions.

RT: We have very wide audiences – we have very young and new fans which have never seen Queen. We also have middle age fans and older people as well. Everybody’s welcome.

PD: Thank you. My father is waiting for you for 40 years.