Adam Lambert in televised anti-homophobia ad by Globo Group

25 July 2016 | Curitiba, Brazil


Google translation of caption on youtube channel:
The new institutional campaign of the Free World raises another important flag : homophobia. The second commercial tells the story of singer Adam Lambert, who suffer homophobic prejudice, but is never silent. The Free World supports attitudes like Lambert. And you, what is your attitude?

Translation of video by Marisa_965:
Some years ago, singer Adam Lambert assumed that he was gay. Because of that, he had to face prejudice on may different occasions. On one of these occasions, 15,000 people in Singapore signed a petition trying to prevent him from performing in that country. But he did not silence and he got over it with his music. Not only did he do that concert, but he was the first openly gay singer to reach Number 1 on the Billboard charts. Now he also tours as front-man for Queen. Just like Lambert, Free World FM supports a resonant attitude against homophobia. What about you? What’s your attitude?
Free World FM – A Resonant Attitude

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