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03 Dec 2016


Manvent 2016: Day 3 – Adam Lambert

Day 3 of Manvent is here and there’s a lot more guy candy coming your way over the course of December.

This year’s Manvent calendar started off with Nyle DiMarco and continued yesterday with singer Shawn Mendes. Today though we’re pulling out a Gay Focus favourite… Adam Lambert.

The singer, songwriter, The X Factor Australia judge and actor has had a busy, and very successful, year. We know how much you love him and no Manvent calendar would be complete without Adam involved would it?

After wowing us all with his album The Original High and his subsequent tour, Adam has been ruling The X Factor Australia judging panel and impressed as Eddie in the FOX remake of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Here’s some of Adam’s hottest pictures from this year…

Guy Sebastian tells Kate Waterhouse he’s no longer trying to please everyone

What was it like to work with Iggy [Azalea]?
I’ve really, really enjoyed being on the panel with Adam [Lambert] and Mel B [Brown]. We’ve had a lot of fun and I will miss them.

Eli Lieb’s Los Angeles: Singing In The Shower, Adam Lambert And Tequila

You’ve also worked with Adam Lambert and Cheyenne Jackson. Where do you hang out with them?

With Adam, it would probably be at Giorio’s, which is a really great club only open on Saturday nights. Its very small but tons of fun. They play disco music and everyone dances. But be warned, it is very difficult to get into.