Adam Lambert performs with Saara Aalto on The X-Factor

10 Dec 2016 | UK

Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? Well, judge for yourselves as Saara Aalto shares
the stage with pop superstar Adam Lambert as the pair perform one of the world’s biggest
songs – Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody. It’ll send shivers down your spine! ~ITV


X Factor: Brian Friedman’s top five moments from week ten
17:00 13th December 2016 by William J Connolly

Week nine of the live shows — The Final.
Celebrity choreographer and creative Brian Friedman dishes the backstage goss and reveals his top five moments from this week’s episode of The X Factor.

5. Saara Aalto and Adam Lambert — Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
Adam cannot be messed with! Out of everyone and all the people who have ranked in this top five, he’s the best vocalist out of every single one of them hands down. What I love about him is he’s so gracious with Saara. He didn’t make it about him, and he was there to support her. It was so humble and refreshing to watch. He’s literally someone who can sing anyone under the table and not try and out-sing her. He let her have her moment and I know how much Saara loves Adam, and so I reached out to Adam a month ago or maybe more and asked how he felt doing The X Factor finale if someone was strong enough.

As the competition was going on, I’d send him some links of the contestants, and in my mind he’d have sung perfectly with Saara or Matt. Little did I know was that he was one of the people Saara dreamed of singing with when he was on American Idol a long time ago. To be able to make that happen for her was really cool. It was obviously a perfect pairing and the crowd went wild.
I think we had a really strong final in general.

Was it a conscious decision to have two openly gay artists featured together in the final of the show?
Do you know what’s funny, is that I never thought that, and as you said it right now it feels really good! [Laughs] It was never my intention and that says a lot about where we’re at right now vs where it was when I was a kid. I didn’t even realize we had two out artists on that stage together. In my mind, it was two vocalists who were incredible — I totally forgot about the fact they’re both open. They just so happen to be gay and if we can keep this going on, that would be a really great way of going forward!


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