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10 May 2017


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Five Things We Missed About ‘American Idol’

Popular singing competition will be back in 2018 — but who will sit in the judges’ chairs?

by Dave Taylor | Updated 10 May 2017 at 12:36 PM

2.) Competitors who hit the big time. Fifteen seasons of “Idol” have left their mark on our culture. Some of the music industry’s most popular performers came out of the “Idol” reality TV boot camp, most notably Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood. Rocker Chris Daughtry and actor Jennifer Hudson did not made it to the final round, but both have had great success in their performing careers nonetheless. Also notable is Adam Lambert, who has seen success both as a solo artist and as a replacement for the late Freddie Mercury in the group Queen. A reboot will no doubt provide us with plenty other talented, chart-topping artists.

4.) The controversies. There was plenty of drama on every season of “Idol” — controversy that caused people to take sides and get up in arms. Sometimes it was scams and manipulated votes (but no Russian hackers, as far as we know). On other seasons, there were voting mix-ups or even a “Textgate” drama (as on Season 8), when “Idol” corporate sponsor AT&T reportedly handed out free phones and helped boost votes for eventual winner Kris Allen. The company later apologized, as that was considered to have given Allen a huge advantage.