2020-03-20 Adam Lambert 3 live Instagram chats, Los Angeles, CA

Adam Lambert Talks New Album ‘Velvet’ with Fans During Livestream
By Taylor Fields
March 23, 2020

Adam Lambert has returned with a brand new album, Velvet, and to celebrate on the project’s official release day, the singer took over iHeartRadio’s Instagram to go live with fans for an hour as he answered all of their questions about his new music.

Velvet is Lambert’s first album since 2015’s The Original High, and as he says, it’s been a “long time in the making.” The LP includes all the songs he shared via his Velvet Side A EP from the fall, plus several more new songs. Velvet showcases 13 songs in total, including previously-released songs like “Superpower” and “New Eyes,” as well as “a feature from Chic’s Nile Rogers on “Roses.”

During the Instagram Live takeover, Adam answered questions from fans, as well as broke down every song on Velvet. Kicking it off with the title track, “Velvet,” he explained of the song, “‘Velvet’ is all about the search for love. I mean, the opening lines of the song kind of say it all: ‘I’ve been feelin’ nostalgic/ I know that I’m not the only one/ I think it’s time for a throwback/ To remind me how to fall in love.’ So I feel like the wedding is love and death and the life cycle. Also, I think that’s a little play on words on the fashion victim concept, because the video is like this fictional fantasy of me as if I was a tailor making suits for men, which sounds like a sexy job, actually. And we had so much fun making this video. It was in London, a few months back, and I had a blast. It was so much fun. Charlotte Rutherford, whose nickname here on Instagram is @charlie_chops is brilliant. She’s a brilliant photographer; she took also the album cover photo. She’s so much fun, such a creative genius, and it was a really easy day.”

Adam also explained that for this song, he had worked with late producer busbee, who passed away last summer after a battle with Glioblastoma — a form of brain cancer. He recalled:

“It’s a bit of a sad story. I worked on that song with the producer named busbee and tragically busbee passed away a couple of months after we were done/ he had two brain tumors. I hate to bring us down, but I wanted to bring up the fact that I’m really lucky that I had the chance to work with him, and he was a lovely man and really talented, and left me with this beautiful bop. And, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family and his kids. And, I know a lot of people in the songwriting world, in the music community, have worked with him and we all miss him dearly.”

Watch the full livestream above and to hear Adam break down every track on Velvet, and stream Velvet on iHeartRadio.

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